Drones & Electric Mobility

Leader Italian brand in the production of drones, hoverboards
and electric scooters, Twodots has achieved an important place
also in the European scene.

Intro Project

The multi-channel project of communication developed with the Brand puts the stress on the inclusive trait of Social communication. The platforms used encourage an interaction with the costumer and support the conversion in an efficient way. In addition, they are an important reference for the after-sales assistance.


The location analytics showed the need of communicating with new kind of users, with similar interests to the Brand’s system of values, focusing more on the intrinsic features of the products. Experimentation, fun and innovation: these are the main keys of the strategy.


The most efficient way of setting the Storytelling was to inspire in the potential client a reaction of discovery and emotive satisfaction. We realized this intention with dynamic assets, aimed to show the personal experience of usage, rather than just information.


Once the schedule of the Marketing activities (and the stages of the Customer Journey) was established, the strategy went from being simply theorical to being effective. Video Production helped giving birth to a Social ecosystem: as a matter of fact, it was one of the first actions dedicated to increase the Brand Awareness.

In addition, we decided to run different advertising campaigns, in order to turn into Leads all of those who had showed a certain interest for the creativities. Collecting the feedbacks of the users, according to the previously determined(sub)targets, it was possible to identify the behavioral traits of the Core segment. Then, we addressed the sponsorships to this Core segment, with very good performances in terms of efficiency and CPA.

The following step for creating the first version of the brand’s architecture was to realize a Corporate website: this website had to be experiential and immersive, and it had to link all the products to the intangible emotions they bring. Also in this case, it was the use of clear Visual guidelines, according to the brand’s values, to assure graphic a Cross-Channel coherence.

Brand Identity - Color

The choice of colors used in the color scheme has three
different functions: helping to decode the message,
granting a recognizable and linear visual identity,
conveying very symbolic pieces of information. This is
the reason of the choice of red, which alludes to
dynamism and vitality. When red is accompanied with the
ends of the gray’s scale, it gains a more metaphorical
meaning and it conveys a sense of solemnity and







Social Strategy

Social Channels

Once the “Awareness” phase of the brand – which coincided with the publication of the first videos – was defined, the editorial plan focused more in proactive forms of entertainment. As a matter of fact, we interacted with the users through a wide range of communication formats.

Every content was thought to be adaptable to different Medias (TV, Web, Socials), coherently with the planned Social strategy, which has its main feature in the Smart production. A dedicated team worked for creating videos in television quality, then adapted the content for the Web and, finally, edited it furtherly
for creating Snackable contents.

Product’s wireframes, graphic layouts and post-production are fundamental supports for the photo shootings. Captions, in a colloquial language, ask questions to the Community and shorten the distance between the offered products and the user’s emotions.

Brand Identity

TwoDots is known to be an important player in the
market: its image on Socials had to reveal the
Brand’s personality.

Generation Z

The concurrent offer of gaming peripherals extends the
Brand’s scope of action and offers an important occasion
for collaborations with influencers and partners in the
Esports field.

Digital Conversion

This working relationship allowed the brand’s entrance in the
Digital world: the use of a renewed linguistic register made it
possible to meet new kinds of clients.



The collaboration with TwoDots involved most of our internal
LABs, because of the necessity of coordinating the work between
different professional figures. The realizatoin of this new
communication system made it possible to increase the Gen Z’s
conversion rate, also thanks to the use of Social networks
and the consequent entrance in the e-commerce.

Next Project
Social Media Management

An Italian multimedia project, a revolutionary format consisting in the first Influencer-TV made for Millennials.